By bike

In partnership with the Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois, Excellence Group offers you three cycling tours of different difficulties.

1st tour l Easy tour of 21km: a few easy climbs and descents before the Drauffelter climb of 8 km regular climb of 2 km. an easy ride to enjoy.
Level: Beginner

2nd tour l Medium tour of 51km: this tour goes north where you will cross the Belgian border. After 14 km you will reach the highest point of Luxembourg, the Kneiff.
A little out of the way and discreet: The highest mountain of Luxembourg, the Kneiff. If you wish, you can make a tour to the Signal de Botrange (highest mountain in Belgium) and then to the Vaalser Berg at the Dreiländereck (highest mountain in the Netherlands). You will then have climbed the highest peaks of 3 European countries in a beautiful bike ride of about 100 km.
Level : Advanced

3rd tour l Medium tour of 57 km: this tour will lead you through 3 countries. A 2.5 hour tour in which you will have the unique experience of crossing 3 borders in one tour.
You will start from Clerf and head north with a few climbs and descents before crossing the first border with Belgium and riding 4 to 5 km in the Niemandsland. You will then cross the third German border and descend on the German side to Dasburg. From Dasburg you will have a last climb of 10km to return to Clervaux.
Level : Advanced

4th Tour l Difficult Tour of 48km: a short but intense ride.
If you come to visit Luxembourg as an avid cyclist, your to-do list must include the Kautebacher climb, which is called Luxembourg’s little alpe d’huez with its zig-zag and winding turns.
A MUST for every cyclist.
Level: Advanced